NUMBER ONE // Happy New Year

Hello beautifuls! 
Even though I'm a tad late, I wish you all a happy new year! May 2015 bring love, happiness and everything else in between! xxx

Photo by one of my favourite illustrators: Jasmine Dowling

Well, it's already been well over two months since my HSC ended which clearly leaves me with no excuse for having such a delayed post, except the fact that.. I just didn't know how to approach this whole blogging craze. But since I've finally gotten around to writing my first post, I thought the simplest way to begin would be to introduce myself a little.

But otherwise - here's another introduction! Even though you've probably read many of these self-introductions and what not - just bare with me, I promise it won't be too much of a read.

I'm Shirley, a seventeen year old from Sydney, Australia. I love all things minimalist and at times, I like to think myself as the occasional writer and artist. Street fashion is my go-to look, but there are always those out of the blue moments when I'd opt for an outfit that may be slightly weird, crazy and/or wonderful (just to get my fashion juices running hehe). Quirky things also seem to also catch my attention, so mix and match that with some more normal clothes and that would make my everyday style.

And.. that't it for now. Head to: About Me for a duplication of the above (only joking! but do feel free to take a read if you fancy)

Oh and say hello to my new hair! This was taken straight after my hair appointment at Prema Hair last month! Just a few words of advice - if you're ever looking for a new hair stylist or colourist, defs head over to them - both their studios look fab and not to mention, their customer service is always on point! 

Whether this blog turns out to be a passing phase or not - I'd just like to say, bless your souls for following my blogging journey from the very start!

Thanks for reading! 


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