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So, long message short - I'm a seventeen year old lifestyle blogger who enjoys the dainty details in life, the aesthetics of pretty packaging and the beauty of nature. 

I love to create. More often than not, I will be sipping on my daily juice (a.k.a anything with kale and chia seeds) whilst sitting down to finish an artwork or sewing together pieces of pretty fabric or attempting to work the magic of the kitchen (I try to anyway)I also have growing passion for art galleries, reading on a beach and café hunting (I don't mind adding bar-hopping when I'm 18 tho hehe).

Hope you enjoy everything I share! After all, this is a photographic journal of my personal life, occasional fashion diary and (hopefully many) travel adventures.


Nicole Isabel said...

i see we have the same template :3 cute blog x

nicole ᵔᴥᵔ | nicolesmind.com

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